About The Company

Founded in 2015 by Nayan Gujarati Who Recently Passed Out to market the diverse craft traditions of India, Knyaa started out as a company exporting home furnishings. The first Knyaa retail store was opened in Greater Kailash, New Delhi fifteen years later.

By the early eighties, Knyaa was already known for garments made from handwoven and hand- printed fabrics. The non-textile range was added in 2016, while organic foods, which formed a natural extension of Knyaa's commitment to traditional techniques and skills was added in 2016, with personal care products following in 2016. Handcrafted jewellery was introduced in 2018. Today, with a pan-India presence, Knyaa is the largest private platform for products that derive from traditional crafts and knowledge. A large proportion of these is sourced from villages across India where the company works closely with the artisans, providing various inputs including design, quality control, access to finance, and raw materials.

Our endeavour is to bring customers a choice of products – and lifestyle – that offers an alternative to the mass-produced while creating sustainable livelihoods in the rural sector.

The Vision

At Knyaa we celebrate India, and endeavour to bring all that we love about India to customers around the world.

The Mission

We will harness the transformative power of a well-run business committed to profitable growth in support of Knyaa’s Vision.

We will strengthen and support our community of customers, designers, artisans, farmers, makers and entrepreneurs inspired by India.

We will give our customers products that delight them by interpreting our rich heritage and traditional knowledge, while protecting the natural environment.

Values & Guiding Principles

To remain true to our company’s history and our founder’s original Vision: "In addition to making profits, our aims are constant development of new products, a fair, equitable and helpful relationship with our producers, and the maintenance of quality on which our reputation rests."
– John Bissell

To ensure that we delight our customers with our products and service, and always make them feel that they are getting great value for their money.

To design, make and sell products with intrinsic worth that comes from the original designs, knowledge, care and skill with which these are made.

To be true to our commitment and history as an ethical and trust-worthy brand promoting a stake-holder based community model of inclusive capitalism.

To constantly share our Vision with our employees, suppliers, business associates and customers, so that we collectively ensure that all our actions are in service of our Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles.

The Knyaa Head Office is located in New Delhi at:

Knyaa Creation.

Office: First Wing, Shayona, Puna Saroli BRTS, Yoginagar SOC, Surat-395010
Dm us On Instagram,(10.00am to 5.30pm. Monday to Saturday.) Email: mailus@knyaaboutique.com

Registered Address: First Wing, Shayona, Puna Saroli BRTS, Yoginagar SOC, Surat-395010, Gujarat, India
Dm us On Instagram (10.00am to 5.30pm. Monday to Saturday.), Email: mailus@knyaaboutique.com